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If your interested in a workshop for 2 weeks in senegal/gambia between july 18 and august 7 2008? Please fill in the registration form below or contact us by e-mail (

Workshops are organised from a minimum of 6 people, so we'll keep you informed about the number of subscribers.

This workshop of 2 weeks costs 650 euro and includes: full pension, lessons, use of (percussion)instruments and transport from Banjul-Abéne - Banjul. The airplaneticket Amsterdam-Banjul-Amsterdam, excursions, drinks, travel- & cancellation insurance and vaccinations are are not accounted.


Summer 2008: 01 july 2008
Registrationform and the full payment have to be turned in before these dates.
There is a limitation to the number of subscribers!
Participation is based on the order of registrations.

You can register by using the form below or ptinting this form and sending it to:

BAKINE, Breehornstraat 121, 1024 HZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands

After registration you'll recieve further information. Your registration is definitive when the entire sum has been transferred on Postbankrekening 7982902 in the name of M.L. Diedhiou, Amsterdam, mentioning "Muziekreis Bakine, Abené". Don't forget to make a copy of the registrationform for yourself.

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Summer 2008 Winter 2008
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Djembë  Beginner Advanced Professional  
Seourouba  Beginner Advanced Professional  
Dance  Beginner Advanced Professional  
Drawing  Beginner Advanced Professional  
Painting  Beginner Advanced Professional  
Batik  Beginner Advanced Professional